Family Dance

Family Dance iconFamily Dancetitle

By Ian Pierce and Jack Derby

This Friday is the annual school dance. This year it will be called Fire & Ice. It will be from 6:00 to 8:00pm, and at $3 per person or $10 for a family of four or more, it’s an amazing deal! There will be live music, food, drinks, and snacks provided. The dance will be taking place in the  Multi-Purpose room. This is a fundraiser for our entire school and anybody can come, so please join us for the Fire & Ice Dance.

Pennies for Patients is Here

Pennies for Patients is Here iconPennies for Patients is Heretitle

Each year, students at Rocklin Elementary empty out their piggy banks to collect money for a great cause.    Pennies for Patients provides an opportunity for children to raise funds to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s efforts to find cures for blood cancers—leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.  Collection begins this week.  





Rocklin Students Return Victorious

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Congratulations to students Eric Ryu, Carol Shao, Pragnay Khurana, Daniel Yoon, Carson Morton, Christopher Franco, John Itow, and Matthias Matsubayashi.  They were all winners at  last weekend’s SACMATH competition.    The contests they competed in are designed to  help build problem-solving skills, provide academic challenges for students at all levels, help students to undercover and improve their mathematical abilities, and enable mathematically strong students to be rewarded for their abilities.  



Parents Night Out Coming Soon

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By Raegan Duncan

This year’s first Parent’s Night Out is called Color Wars, and it is already sold out! Many Rocklin Elementary students will be joining Mr. Meteer,  Ms. Carr,  Mr. Powers, and Mr. Van Der Kamp, on February 5th from 5:00-8:00pm for three hours of fun. They will enjoy games, activities, and a pizza dinner!  Keep your eyes open for signups for our next Parents Night Out coming soon!




Teacher in the Spotlight-Vicki Brown, PE teacher

Teacher in the Spotlight-Vicki Brown, PE teacher iconTeacher in the Spotlight-Vicki Brown, PE teachertitle

By Milan Erkenbrecher

The newest teacher in the spotlight is Mrs. Brown, our P.E. teacher.  Mrs. Brown has been teaching here at Rocklin Elementary for three years.  In all, Mrs. Brown has been teaching for twenty years. Her favorite thing to teach in P.E. is volleyball, paddleball, and hockey, which all of the upper grades will be learning next year.  She likes to teach these things because most students haven’t learned to play any of those sports yet.  If she could teach more of something in P.E., she would want to teach more of gymnastics.  The reasons she likes gymnastics so much is that there are so many events that gymnasts complete, and because it takes flexibility and strength.  Mrs. Brown is a great teacher who always brings happiness and fun to her teaching.

Family Math Night a Big Success

Family Math Night a Big Success iconFamily Math Night a Big Successtitle

By Reece Sears

If you think math can’t be fun, Family Math Night would prove you wrong. Last Thursday, the first annual Family Math Night took place at Rocklin Elementary. Stations focused around symmetry, probability, number logic, and much more. Students who came got to play any station they wanted, with a total of 8 stations. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a guessing game. Kindergarten through 3rd Grade got to guess how many Hershey’s Kisses, while 4th through 6th Grade got to guess how many jelly beans. Several Bulldog teachers also showed up to the event as well as Mrs. Makis.  One of the most favored stations of them all was the pyramid making station. Here, you got to customize your own pyramid, and the paper pyramid's were then formed into one gigantic pyramid. Thanks to all who attended and don’t miss out next year!




Former Students Lend a Helping Hand

Former Students Lend a Helping Hand iconFormer Students Lend a Helping Handtitle

Eagle Scout Davin Nguyen recently completed an Eagle Scout project  here on campus. Davin is a Life Scout, Eagles Patrol, for Troop 1 of Roseville, Golden Empire Council. Our former student worked with principal Amanda Makis, and teacher Jeremy Miller to build planter boxes for our school garden. 
Davin built three 4 by 8 foot redwood planter boxes with borders. He and his troop then cleaned up the garden of weeds, installed the boxes, put in a drip watering system, and placed stepping stones around the boxes. The boxes will be used by k-6 grades at Rocklin Elementary. Thanks so much to Davin and the Troop for updating and improving our school garden. 





Student Fiction

Student Fiction iconStudent Fictiontitle

By Milan Erkenbrecher 


Chapter 1: The Quarter

While I was at the mall I found a quarter on the ground, and somehow… it had some magical power to make me have bad luck. And this is how it happened…    

                                 At The Mall


As I was passing all the stores, my shoe came untied so I kneeled down to tie it when I saw a glimpse of a small shiny quarter near the mall map. I went to get the quarter when I was stumbling every single step of the way(because of the untied shoe). I picked it up and shoved it into my pocket carelessly, tied my shoe, and was on my way.  “BEEP BEEP” my phone rang.  It was my BFF Hailey who texted me, “Jade, where are you???!!! I’ve been waiting here for like… AN HOUR!!!” “Sorry:[  I must've lost track of time!  I’ll be there in about 5 mins. I PROMISE” I text back. “ HURRY!”  With that,I rush to the food court with just enough time to have lunch with Hailey.


After lunch we went on a bad lucked shopping spree. Every single store that we went to didn’t have our size in anything cute.  When we were finished, we said our goodbyes and headed for the parking garage.  I was passing all the cars when I got to where my car is supposed to be, but it wasn’t there!  Hailey texted me,”Uuuhhh… JADE,MY CAR IS MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!” “SO IS MINE!!!!” I say. Image result for scared emoji




Math Olympians Show Their Stuff

Math Olympians Show Their Stuff iconMath Olympians Show Their Stufftitle

By Luke Vellutini


Mrs. Boyle is the official math master mind of our school. She is leading our school in a world-wide program called Math Olympiads. 4th - 6th graders can compete in Math Olympiads. Two contests have already taken place and on the first contest, the 5th graders were seriously ready as they scored an average of 3.9. A student in the 5th grade program wrote an answer that was incorrect at first look. But on second look, it turned out to be right, making him get it right and lifting their average to a 4.0!! It knocked out our old 5th grade school record of 3.9 and all because of one smart move. Congratulations to the 5th grade team!! 



Help in the Parking Lot

Help in the Parking Lot iconHelp in the Parking Lottitle

By Kyra Burns


Your teacher can't be in the classroom all the time.They have meetings,go to other classrooms,and get sick. When your teacher is not at school, your instructor  is a guest teacher.  Here are some tips that will make you and your guest teacher's day much better.


  • Treat your guest teacher the same way you treat your own teacher

  • Stay calm and don’t Question your Sub

  • If you do not agree with your sub don't yell out

  • Help your sub if needed but do not get in their  space