4th-6th Grade Links

Fifth Grade
Native American Facts for kids

Native American Kid info
Native Americans
Harcourt Math
Visual Fractions
Math Games
Math Dictionary For Kids
AAA Math
Value of Pi
Fact  Monster
Fraction Bars
Harcourt Division
Fractions: Who Wants Pizza?
The Megapenny Project
A+ Plus Math
Interactive Math Activities
Rain Forest Math
Base Ten Activities
Scholastic Kids
Time for Kids
The Mariners' Museum
Colonial House
Visit Colonial America
Activity Ideas from Colonial times
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Era Photos
Perspectives on Liberty
Loyalty or Liberty
Colonial Clothing
Southern Colonies
Thirteen Original
Voices of the American Revolution
The Road to Revolution
Revolutionary Bios
Black History 101
Black History 102
Bio of Founding Fathers
Black Inventor
Daily News Quiz
50 States
Product Game

Sixth Grade
Mr. Donn Ancient History
LASCAUX A visit to the cave
Discovery Kids
Who's Who & What's What
Kid Info
AAA Math
Cool Math
Math Dictionary For Kids
Harcourt Math 6th
Rain Forest Math
Math Resource
Houghton Mifflin
Scholastic Kids
Daily News Quiz
Encyclopedia Britannica
Persuasive Essay
Persuasion Map
Help with Essays
Archimedes Lab
The British Museum
Discovering Egypt
Chinese quotes and writing
Internet Safety Quiz